Who is Tracey Given?

Tracey lives with her family in South London. She graduated from Manchester University with a 2 1 in law and took her law society finals in York. She then worked for nearly three decades as a litigation lawyer. For the first 12 years she worked for a nationwide trade union law firm where she became a Partner, and then as a Senior Litigation Assistant at a renowned City law firm.


Over the years as a litigation lawyer she worked tirelessly on behalf of clients and proved highly successful at negotiating and winning for her team within high conflict and intense environments. However, she always felt that there must be another way and became increasingly drawn to mediation as a means of dispute resolution. Her motivation was people and she wanted to put her proven negotiating skills to a greater good. Tracey left the City and  retrained as a Mediator which took two years . Besides now  working as in a state secondary school SEN Department, she set up her own business. Given Mediation.


In the past Tracey has also worked for brief periods as a Thomson rep in Costa Dorada, the Crown Prosecution Service and done voluntary work for the homeless charity Centrepoint.


The logo of “Squaring the Circle”(ie the bringing together of two things which are normally thought to be so different that they cannot exist together befits with one of Tracey’s favourite sayings, “ Resolve and thou art free”.

Given Mediation

London SW 17 and surrounding areas