Mediation offers an extremely cost effective alternative to divorce litigation. And thanks to the transparency of our fee structure, there are no hidden extras. 

Unlike many other Mediation Services, no separate charge is made for the documents produced in Mediation (the Outcome Summaries, the Open Financial Statement and the Memorandum of Understanding) as these are incorporated into the hourly rate

How much will Mediation cost?

£150 per hour, per person

For example, for a mediation encompassing the single intake session followed by four joint mediation sessions, the breakdown for each party is as follows:

£150 per one hour single intake session 

£225 for each 1.5 hour mediation session, per party

The total cost of such a mediation is £1,050 per party.

Client Payments

All payments must be paid at least 24 hours in advance to:

Tracey Given Mediation Services

(Sort code and account number to be provided when appointment made) 


Please use your name as the reference description when completing the transfer.

Thank you.

** Each mediation session  is to be paid for at the latest, 24 hours in advance **

The option to apply for Legal Aid is not offered at Tracey Given Mediation Services. If you think you may be entitled to legal aid, you can check at

To qualify for legal aid you must be eligible on capital (including the value of your home), savings and income grounds. If you think you are entitled to legal aid then do visit and book an appointment. They have a satellite office in Clapham.

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